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Letters to the Editor: July 1, 2020

Letters to the Editor: July 1, 2020

July 2, 2020

An uplifting story What a wonderful, heartwarming headlining article about the father-son reunion written by Ellen Futterman in the June 17 edition of the Light!  I can’t begin to express how deeply touching this story was, especially welcomed coming...

Feeling Patriotic? Get Out the Vote

Feeling Patriotic? Get Out the Vote

July 2, 2020

Most Americans feel more patriotic as July 4 approaches, even under current conditions. In a presidential election year, with many state and local issues and offices on the ballot as well, that sentiment may be particularly strong.The best way to put...

Mike Leven

Legacy planning vital to future of Jewish community

By Mike Leven July 2, 2020

Jewish organizations are in danger. Our charitable giving can help ensure they survive.ATLANTA (JTA) — My library has the popular book “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” in which Yuval Harari — a Jew, an Israeli and an acclaimed author — states...


Openness to miracles includes those we create

By Rabbi Elizabeth Hersh July 2, 2020

Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever gazed at a sunset and wondered whether there was anything more breathtaking and awesome? Is not the birth of a child or the love between two human souls also miraculous? And what about ancient miracles? The Sea...

Michael Oberlander

What do we do with Art Hill statue of King Louis IX?

By Michael Oberlander June 25, 2020

The protest movement in the wake of police killings of African Americans that has targeted monuments to the Confederacy has also targeted statues of Christopher Columbus (including one in Tower Grove Park), Thomas Jefferson, a Texas Ranger (not one of...

Benjamin Kruger

Coronavirus punctures my First World bubble


The world has been changing drastically. This pandemic has forced us to rethink our values because it threatens our way of life. To many people, this ordeal has brought adversity, pain and sorrow. To me, however, this virus feels a lifetime away.I live...

Rabbi Amy Feder

In challenging authority, our motives are key

By Rabbi Amy Feder June 25, 2020

Korach is one of the most infamous figures in Jewish history. In this week’s Torah portion, he attempts to start a revolt against Moses, suggesting that Moses and Aaron have raised themselves above the other Israelites when all should be equally holy. A...

Letters to the editor: June 17, 2020

Letters to the editor: June 17, 2020

June 18, 2020

Readers respond to Jewish Federation decision to drop adult learning classesA few weeks ago, I received the news that the Jewish Federation’s Adult Education program, CJL, would be summarily eliminated and staffers Cyndee Levy and Rabbi Tracy Nathan...

Rabbi Josef Davidson

Walls, physical or imaginary, spotlight vulnerability

By Rabbi Josef Davidson June 18, 2020

Every semester, students were given the opportunity to sign up for required or elective classes. Before registering, students would inevitably ask others in the next grade or two ahead about the courses and, especially, about the teachers. It was the...

J. Martin Rochester, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, is the author of 10 books on international and American politics.

Civics, history education needs a dose of honesty

By Marty Rochester June 18, 2020

America is a “medina shel chesed, a nation of kindness.” — Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson Sunday was Flag Day. In the midst of a pandemic, economic recession, and crisis over race and policing, I am daring to call for Americans to recover a...

Amy Fenster Brown

Raise our voices for the cause of justice

By Amy Fenster Brown June 18, 2020

It’s 2020, a year we are not likely to soon forget. We’re barely halfway in, and the hits just keep coming: Australian fires, COVID-19, the killing of George Floyd, riots. We are people in emotional turmoil. The term for visual acuity is 20/20, the...

Cantor-Rabbi Ron Eichaker

Aspire to be a Prophet of Peace


There is almost as much to unpack in this section of the Torah (Behaalotcha) as there is to unpack from these past weeks and months.  In fact, there is so much to unpack, that I will need a little help; no, a lot of help.  It’s always a good thing...

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