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A nonprofit, independent news source to inform, inspire, educate and connect the St. Louis Jewish community.

St. Louis Jewish Light

A nonprofit, independent news source to inform, inspire, educate and connect the St. Louis Jewish community.

St. Louis Jewish Light

‘Shadow Strike: Inside Israel’s Secret Mission to Eliminate Syrian Nuclear Power’ by Yaakov Katz; St. Martin’s Press, 306 pages, $28.99. 

Nail-biter ‘Shadow Strike’ details ultrasecret Israeli raid in Syria

BY ROBERT A. COHN, Editor-in-Chief EmeritusPublished July 25, 2019

The publication of “Shadow Strike” by Yaakov Katz, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post, could not be more timely as he pulls back the layers of Israel’s daring and successful military and intelligence operations. For example, on Sept. 6, 2007,...

A haredi Orthodox man watching Israeli soldiers at an army ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Feb. 22, 2012.

For new Israeli coalition, haredi army exemptions issue is front and center

By Uriel Heilman, JTAPublished May 9, 2012

Israel’s new unity government may not alter Jerusalem’s strategy for curbing Iran’s nuclear weapons program or do much to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But it could dramatically change something at home about which a huge number...

Israeli hotel denies Conservative group use of Torah

JTAPublished March 23, 2012

An Israeli hotel denied the use of a Torah scroll to a group that intended to use it in a mixed-gender service. The religious supervisor at the hotel at Kibbutz Shefayim refused to allow a group of students from the Conservative Solomon Schechter Day...

Bills to relax marriage registration rules pass Knesset committee

JTAPublished March 19, 2012

JERUSALEM -- Two bills that would allow Jewish couples in Israel to be married by national-religious rabbis in the city of their choice were approved by a Knesset committee. The so-called "Tzohar laws," named after the organization of Modern Orthodox...

Rockets from Gaza pound Israel, as airstrike kills militant group’s leader

JTAPublished March 9, 2012

Palestinian rockets from Gaza wounded several Israelis, and an Israeli airstrike killed the leader of a Palestinian terrorist group. The Friday evening hostilities reportedly began with the firing of two mortar shells from Gaza into Israel. Shortly thereafter,...

Six charged in beatings of soldiers in Haifa

JTAPublished March 8, 2012

Six Arab residents of Haifa were indicted in an attack on two off-duty Israeli soldiers in the city. The Haifa District Court judge who presided over Thursday's hearing said the attack on Shnir Dahan and Roie Sharaff did not appear to be motivated by...


Harmonious beginning to Festival of Jewish Life

By Patricia Corrigan, Special to the Jewish LightPublished March 7, 2012

Maybe you saw them on CNN or on “The Today Show.” Maybe you read about them in the New York Times or the Jerusalem Post. Maybe you watched their videos on You Tube—the first one posted got two million hits in 10 days. Or maybe you caught their concerts...

Israeli court rules that lesbian couple can both be child’s mother

JTAPublished March 5, 2012

JERUSALEM -- An Israeli court has ruled that both members of a lesbian couple who had a child together can be recognized as the child's mother. The egg of one of the women was fertilized with donated sperm and implanted in the second woman's uterus....

Wicked weather causing damage in Israel

JTAPublished March 1, 2012

JERUSALEM -- Severe weather in Israel has caused damage and blackouts. Heavy rain and high winds disrupted air traffic at Ben Gurion Airport. Some wind gusts reached 62 miles per hour, according to reports. The severe weather is supposed to last at least...

New aid going to Greek Jewish community

JTAPublished February 28, 2012

JERUSALEM -- The Jewish Agency will provide emergency aid to the Jewish community of Greece facing a serious financial crisis. The Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel on Monday voted to grant about $1 million over two years to help Greece's...

Indian court stays deportation of Israeli couple

JTAPublished February 14, 2012

JERUSALEM -- An Indian court has stayed the deportation of an Israeli couple who say they are serving as Chabad emissaries in the city of Kochi. The Kerala High Court on Tuesday issued a stay of the deportation of Shneor Zalman and Yaffa Shenoi for what...

Tax-exemptions bill for donations to settlements advances

JTAPublished February 12, 2012

JERUSALEM -- An Israeli parliament committee approved a bill that would provide tax exemptions for donations to institutions that participate in "strengthening Zionism and encouraging Zionist settlement." The measure approved Sunday by the Knesset's Ministerial...

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