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A nonprofit, independent news source to inform, inspire, educate and connect the St. Louis Jewish community.

St. Louis Jewish Light

A nonprofit, independent news source to inform, inspire, educate and connect the St. Louis Jewish community.

St. Louis Jewish Light

“Never Forget:  My Family’s Flight From Nazi Terror”

Author/attorney Tom Singer publishes Shoah memoir

BY ROBERT A. COHN, Editor-in-Chief EmeritusPublished July 18, 2012

In October 2005, St. Louis attorney, author and Holocaust survivor/escapee Thomas M. (Tom) Singer completed a personal history of his family and their escape from Nazi Germany in the aftermath of Kristallnacht (“The Night of Broken Glass”), which...

Lt. Col. Bernhard Fischer, a Jewish officer in the protocol branch, in his office at the German Federal Ministry of Defense.

Germany’s Jewish patriots find a home in the military

By Toby Axelrod, JTAPublished June 26, 2012

BERLIN -- In an office amid a labyrinth of hallways in Germany's Ministry of Defense, a short jaunt from where Claus von Stauffenberg was executed in 1944 for trying to kill Adolf Hitler, sits Bernhard Fischer, lieutenant colonel and Jew. What’s a...

Students from the St. Ursula-Schule, a Catholic high school in Germany, view facsimiles of ads for Hitlers Mein Kampf at the House of the Wannsee Conference in Potsdam, site of the planning of the Final Solution.

German plans for ‘Mein Kampf’ excerpts in schools seen as a way to demystify Hitler tome

By Toby Axelrod, JTAPublished June 17, 2012

BERLIN –- Does “Mein Kampf” belong in German high schools? With Adolf Hitler’s book due to come out of wraps here in 2015, freed after decades under copyright protection that prevented its publication in Germany, it’s a question that is being...

Hitler’s Hangman: The Life of Heydrich

Historian pens compelling biography of brutal Nazi mastermind

By Burton A. Boxerman, Special to the Jewish LightPublished May 23, 2012

Except for his boss Heinrich Himmler, only Reinhard Heydrich — head of the SS security service and the Gestapo — was so instrumental in the planning and execution of the mass murder of six million European Jews, according to a historian Robert Gerwarth. ...

Sam Weissman, then an assistant professor of chemistry, and Jonathan Townsen examine magnetic resonance data at Washington U. around 1962.

Washington U’s Manhattan Project braintrust

BY ROBERT A. COHN, Editor-in-Chief EmeritusPublished May 16, 2012

Samtuel “Sam” Isaac Weissman, Ph.D., who died at 94 in 2007, was one of the six founders of the modern chemistry department at Washington University. All six were veterans of the Manhattan Project, which led to the assembling of the atomic bombs used...

Palestinian key headed to Berlin festival

JTAPublished March 15, 2012

BERLIN -- A one-ton steel key symbolizing the Palestinian "right of return" is to be shipped from a West Bank refugee camp to Berlin as part of a city-wide art festival. The Goethe Institut, Germany’s official cultural institution, is assisting in...

Yeva Golynskaya

Belorussian émigré overcame language obstacles to become noted local educator

By Lena Fish, Special to the Jewish LightPublished March 14, 2012

Almost all new Americans have some amusing stories about the time when they first immigrated to the United States.  Mastering the English language is a common theme in the anecdotes Yeva Golynskaya tells, which is ironic when you think about it since...

British publisher to fight ‘Mein Kampf’ ban

JTAPublished March 13, 2012

BERLIN -- A British publisher is vowing to fight a Munich court's decision to permanently ban his publication of excerpts of Hitler's "Mein Kampf." Peter McGee wanted to print excerpts last January in a 16-page insert to his German publication "Zeitungszeugen,"...

Writer Akos Kertesz seeks political asylum

JTAPublished March 5, 2012

Award-winning Hungarian-Jewish writer Akos Kertesz has confirmed that he has applied for political asylum in Canada. Harassment and threats following the author’s controversial statements about Hungary's role in the Holocaust have led him to seek asylum...

Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld eyes German presidency

JTAPublished February 28, 2012

BERLIN – Veteran Nazi-hunter and left-party member Beate Klarsfeld has jumped into the German political fray, as an alternative candidate for president. Her decision to run comes amid growing criticism of the current sole nominee - Joachim Gauck, former...

Jewish community regrets German president’s resignation

JTAPublished February 19, 2012

BERLIN -- Germany's top Jewish leader met the resignation of German President Christian Wulff with "respect, appreciation and regret." Wulff, 52, who recently was awarded the Jewish community's top prize, announced his resignation Friday amid a growing...

Evan Kaufmann, a U.S.-born hockey player whose
great-grandparents were killed in the Holocaust, is now
representing the German national team.

Grandson of Auschwitz survivor takes the ice for Germany

By Jason Miller, JTAPublished February 10, 2012

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. -- More than 65 years ago Kurt Kaufmann was liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp. This weekend his U.S.-born grandson, Evan Kaufmann, is taking the ice for the German national hockey team. After finishing a successful...

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