Time to Change

Ronit Sherwin

This past weekend was the dreaded change: the end of Daylight Savings Time.  Ugh.  The sun will nearly be set by the time I leave the office, I thought.  Gone are the days of strolling around the neighborhood after dinner and still having the light of day shine down.  Yes, we gained an hour of sleep, but come on, that really is no consolation to losing the day until spring!

Despite the fact that this is my least favorite seasonal change, I am trying to approach this time of year with positive thoughts.  I asked a group earlier this week to share with me one positive word with which to associate this change of time.  Some words shared were as follows: cozy, morning light, tea and Mexico (in hopes to going to Mexico).  While I do not have a Mexico vacation in my future, I found this exercise to be helpful in shifting my attitude.

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Like all seasons, this one allows an opportunity to refocus and shift gears.  So while I may no longer be able to take my daily walks after work, I  feel energized by the morning light as I awake and face the day.  The coziness of playing in the living room with my kids in their footed pajamas after bath time is a cherished time as well.  Eating bowls of hot soup for lunch and dinner has always been a favotie meal for me.  And who doesn’t love a great excuse to indulge in purchasing the seasonal teas and hot cocoas at Trader Joe’s?!?!

Change is good.  We may not always welcome change, but it typically occurs just when we need it.  Life gets boring otherwise.  Embrace the end of daylight savings and toast it with a warm beverage!