The Torah Way?

Larry Levin

This regarding the recent fracas surrounding Israeli parents who were refusing to send their children to integrated Ashkenazi-Sephardic school:

So apparently, one of the mothers had a miscarriage, and the claim was that it occurred as a result of anxiety stemming from the potential of her arrest.

Now, I would never make light of the serious emotional and physical trauma associated with a miscarriage. It’s very terrible business. Nor would I advocate trampling on the free exercise of religion, as long as it is nondiscriminatory, fully consensual and not supported by government funding.

But the irony of the situation has been wholly ignored. As the haredi are claiming that the Supreme Court shouldn’t tell the school whether they must be integrated — citing “the Torah way” and castigating the “secular” ways of the high court….the woman is receiving medical care thanks to a universal health care system supported by….the secular government.

So you tell me…which is more righteous….fighting to keep ethnic groups from worshipping together, or universal health care?

You be the judge…..and you tell us what you think!