Spiritually connected

By Missy Waldman

Let me tell you about a night with my Klei Kodesh.  

Every year I am blessed to be asked to Passover seders by the Goldmans, Springers or Milners.  As a sole survivor, one learns to appreciate new family especially during Jewish holidays.

This year I accepted the second seder invitation from my rabbi at Congregation B’nai Amoona, Rabbi Carnie Rose.  I guess he knew I really needed to be a part of it.

Going to a seder at shul was something I had never done before but then I remembered back to 2006 when I asked Rabbi Bernard Lipnick (the longtime rabbi at B’nai Amoona who died in 2010) what my mother said to him for the last time.  He told me, “She asked how I was doing and said she wants you to get more spiritually connected.”  


I replied, “That’s it?”

He said, “Yes.”

 Wow.  Spiritually connected. What did she mean by that?

Fast forward to this year’s second seder at B’nai Amoona. Spiritually connected happened.  

I was fortunate to sit at Table 2 with Rabbi Neal and Carole Rose (Rabbi Carnie Rose’s parents) and three other couples.  I kibbitzed a lot with Keith, a young man seated to my right.  He graduated from University of Louisville and does sport camps of some sort.  We discovered a commonality with the difficulty of handling two languages at one time.  

Betsy Enger’s cooking (the kosher cook at B’nai Amoona) could not be beat.  Just like a good Jewish family, there was plenty of food, even for those who are vegan.  

The music and spice of the Curry family with Klei Kodesh had fingers tapping on tabletops; those who did not know Hebrew hummed along recalling the melody of the songs they grew up with.  

Rabbi Rose replicated the parting of Red Sea with a beautiful really long red and gold scarf.  This got the sold-out seder dancing round the room.  

Religious study students from Webster University attend the seder.  They were from Egypt, Pakistan, I can’t recall them all but they had fun, too, and they got to go home with a souvenir from the evening’s festivities.

 I won’t give away all of the fun that evening but I can tell you I’ll be back again next year. You should consider joining me. Who knows . . . you just might get spiritually connected.