Souls need nourishment, too

Cathleen Kronemer, NSCA-CPT, Certified Health Coach, is a longtime fitness instructor at the Jewish Community Center. She is also a member of the St. Louis Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

By Cathleen Kronemer, NSCA-CPT

Nathan Hale, the great American Patriot, is often credited with having uttered these immortal words: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” While the world today is a far cry from the times in which this famous soldier lived– born this week, in 1755 — his sentiments echo in our memories all these years hence, because they are still applicable.

Given that we possess neither the luxury nor the fear of knowing the exact point of our demise – unlike Hale, who was hanged — we are fortunate in that we get to choose how to spend the one life with which we have been blessed. Sure, careers and children may dictate our schedules, as well as our places of residence. But what about where we really live…our bodies? We have but one lifetime in which to infuse whatever we choose into that body, making it our own personal vessel of wellness.


This sentiment extends far beyond our nutritional choices; life is not always about organic vs mass-produced, regular vs sugar-free, low-fat vs full fat. Certainly we do have choices in the matter of how we nourish our bodies. I’m referring instead to the nurturing of the soul… we have been given only one of these as well. Caring for the soul involves attitude adjusting. The realization that sometimes dark clouds are going to gather offers us a unique opportunity to learn how to dance among the raindrops. Challenges may present themselves, but they allow us a chance to mold ourselves in a new direction. At the end of the day, that feeling of fatigue should be embraced as the result of having filled your soul with those things which nourish your innermost place. Kindness, generosity, and creativity are just as vital to our wellbeing as those 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables.

Tomorrow morning, choose to greet the day with the intent of making it an impactful one. How do you wish to remember this day when you look back upon it years later? Take the time to nourish all that is inside of you, that one precious body and soul. The patriot soldier would be proud!