Son warms mother’s heart

Mother and son

By Rabbi Elizabeth Hersh

I took the day off from work. My son had several activities at school so it didn’t make sense to go back and forth all day. As we were driving home that afternoon, he stated that he wanted to go to a nursing home and take flowers to people. A parent doesn’t say no to that request.

We stopped at a local store and purchased a huge bouquet of carnations and divided them into three bundles. We stopped at a nearby residential facility and proceeded to visit three individuals whom I knew would appreciate the gesture from a child.

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Walking down the halls I started to put my arm around my son to bring him closer to me. Then I stopped. He was searching for the room number I gave him. He didn’t mind the sights or smells. He was only interested in meeting some older adults and making them happy.

One gentleman told him about the famous battles he fought in during World War II. My son stood for at least a half hour listening to this man recount his stories. The gentleman later told me it had been years since he had discussed the war. Another resident talked about sports. The third made inquiries about school. It was the best day of work ever.

The next month was Hanukah. Once again we drove to the same facility with a bag full of wooden dreidals. We walked around handing out the toy to Jewish residents. I watched as my son got closer to someone’s ear when they said they could not hear him. I watched him shake hands or allow a few to offer him a hug. He taught me a lot during these afternoons. I am continuously amazed at the size of my child’s heart. He has taught me through his acts of righteousness.