So long, St. Louis! Blogger bids farewell from Florida

Pam Droog Jones


You may (or may not) have wondered why my blog on Sarah Palin has been posted for nearly two months. The truth is, that blog has served as a placeholder while my husband and I made the dramatic move to Southwest Florida. His state government office was “defunded” and I can write from anywhere, so the decision was made and our cozy house in the woods of Central Missouri  was readied for sale. Astoundingly, it sold in one day–with the stipulation that we had to be out in three weeks. Lordy, it was stressful. But we packed up our stuff, loaded the dogs into the car and moved into a bright, white house near the historic community of Punta Gorda. Now we are in the process of digging through 1,524 bins, boxes and bags.

Even after being here only a few weeks I’ve learned some important things:  You must be a very alert and flexible driver. You have to avoid the fire ant hills. You have to put the real trash on the right side of the driveway and yard clippings (dead palm fronds, for example) on the left.  And you must give the right of way to the four-foot tall sandhill cranes that hang out in the neighborhood.

Another thing I recently noticed is that I had been observing all the senior citizens here from the outside looking in. Then it hit me—I AM a senior citizen, even if I am on the lower edge of that demographic. With that newfound wisdom, I’m ready to plunge in and enjoy the adventure.

I want to express it has been my pleasure and privilege to blog for the St. Louis Jewish Light. Perhaps I’ll send in a few words from Florida from time to time. Thank you, St. Louis Jewish community, for allowing me to speak to you.