Week of Sept. 17, 2008

Political advertisements draw fire from readers

I wonder if anyone else is offended and saddened by the ads in the Jewish Light from the Republican Jewish Coalition, which try to smear Senator Barach Obama. Using quotes out of context, they try to convince us that Senator Obama does not support Israel and that he is weak on foreign policy.

New Mt. Sinai Cemetery advertisement

Since Senator McCain’s Campaign Committee can find very few positive things to say about Senator McCain’s record, they try to smear Senator Obama. They know that based on the issues important to most Americans, Senator McCain loses the election. I used to think that John McCain was an honorable man, and I was disgusted by the way he was smeared by the Bush campaign in 2000. But it is clear that McCain and his campaign are using the same old smear tactics for which some Republicans and Karl Rove have become famous. Clearly Senator McCain no longer puts America first, but instead puts winning the 2008 election first. I am hopeful that those of us in the Jewish community will not be fooled by the attacks on Senator Obama.

Bernard M. Waxman


The “Republican Jewish Coalition” should be ashamed of itself for running ad copy opposing Senator Obama underneath an image of a burning Israeli flag. The ugly and fear-mongering insinuation of such juxtaposition is beyond the pale of vigorous political debate. So that the record is clear, Senator Obama has been passionate and forceful in his support for Israel, but that isn’t even the point. Though I will proudly cast my vote for Senator Obama, and a majority of Jews recently polled indicate that they will do the same, I completely understand that other Jewish voters have their own legitimate reasons to back another candidate and party. However, for an organization with the word ‘Jewish’ in its title to so flagrantly violate Jewish ethics and contribute to the spread of lashon hara is atrocious and should be condemmned by Jews of all political stripes. I am writing this letter during the moon of Elul, a time when we are called upon to begin our personal and collective journeys back to righteous behavior. I hope that those responsible for this ad will find the time to do ‘teshuvah’ and apologize to the entire Jewish community of St. Louis.

Rabbi Randy Fleisher

University City

I am writing to set the record straight on the recent ad in the Jewish Light stating that Barack Obama surrounds himself with anti-Israel advisors.

The truth of the matter is that his prime advisors on Israel are the following:

Ambassador Dennis Ross; Tony Lake and Daniel Shaprio , former Clinton National Security Council Advisors; Representative Robert Wexler (FL) former US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer; former Representative Mel Levine (CA).

The individuals mentioned in the ad have no connection to the campaign’s policies affecting Israel.

Senator Obama has a perfect voting record on Israel, having voted in favor of foreign aid to Israel every time. When he was in the Illinois State Senate he co-sponsored a bill authorizing the state to invest in Israel Bonds.

Lynn Lyss