If Muslim world wants to be free from West, let it


We hear quite often that it is the fault of the West that the Muslim world hates us so much. They claim that it is the Western demands for implementation of democracy, perceived as arrogance by Muslims, are responsible for the escalation of Muslim terrorism worldwide. They say that the Muslims feel disrespected and insulted by Western superiority and the life style, which the West tries to impose on the Muslim world. The message of hate toward the West is loud and clear!

I am totally sympathetic with their concerns and agree that we, Western countries, must not impose our values on our Muslim neighbors. We must completely refrain from interference in their way of life!

If the governments of Muslim countries and their population do not want to live by and obey the rules of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence with other nations, cultures and religions, we must let them live the way they desire! Therefore, total isolation must be imposed upon them, and we have to let them live in complete and total disengagement from us.

They want to live in accordance with and under Shirea Law, a genuine Muslim life style and in environment of malignant terror and hate. Let them enjoy it in complete self-containment! The wishes of the countries and people who hate us so much should be respected by the Western society. We must allow them to maintain the ignorant life style and let them impose terror and hate on themselves only. This is the Containment Plan:

1. Start active development and implementation of alternative sources of energy, with complete dedication of financial and human resources.

The benefits: It will make a cleaner environment; political and economical independence from the Arab oil; remove a tool of Arab blackmail; reduce financing of terror; engender a positive and healthy economical balance and quality of life.

2. Intensify the war against drug trafficking from Muslim countries.

The benefits: It will improve public health; reduce the drugs for arms terror trade.

3. Suspend immigration from Muslim countries and deport the radical and criminal Islamic elements to the countries of their or their parents’ origin.

The benefits: It will prevent the deliberate Muslimisation process of Western society; stop the spreading of locally grown Islamic terrorism; allow the freedom of expression in the Western Muslim communities.

4. Stop sale of advanced arms and technology to Muslim countries.

The benefits: It will prevent escalation of terror and transfer of advanced technology to the hands of terror fostering Muslim states; reduce the chance of development of WMD.

5. Reduce political, cultural and trade contacts. So far, those contacts have not encouraged Muslim societies to build democracy. Quite the opposite, hostility toward the West has increased.

The benefits: It will reduce cultural pollution of Western and Muslim societies.

6. If nothing else works, stop all trade, cultural and political contacts with the worst offenders, like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Impose blockades.

The benefits: If their hatred of the West so great and the West is so bad, they must not enjoy produce of the “evil”!

Food for Thought:

It is not even about “ancient history.” It is about the duplicity of the International law, where Israel is concerned. It is about self-determination and equality of all nations, including the Jewish one! Therefore, two questions must be asked: 1. Why Jews were not allowed full control of the land of their ancestors, as it was designated by League of Nations? 2. Why Israel is not allowed to end the conflict by removing all its enemies from the Jewish land?

Broad coalition or bribery. Ehud Olmert is planning to expand his Cabinet. His top prospective partner, Labor Party chief Amir Peretz, with no military experience, is slated to take the Defense Ministry. Other factions hoping to join the government are Yisrael Beiteinu, United Torah Judaism and Shas. With all the factions fighting for “warm seats” in the government, Olmert would probably expand the number of Cabinet portfolios to 27. (Interest of Israel and the Jewish people aside, most important is the fat salary check and the “name tag!”)

Hamas PM has sisters in Israel. The P.A.’s prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, has three sisters in Israel. They are married to Israeli Arabs and live in the Negev town of Tel Sheva. The women enjoy Israeli residency status. (The destruction of Israel has been going on not just by bombs but also through Islamisation by marriage!)

Police to pay for Intimidation. A Jerusalem court has ordered the police to pay NIS 60,000 ($13,100) to right wing activist Itamar Ben Gvir. He was wrongfully arrested and held in police custody for five days for allegedly sending text messages to the attorney for convicted Fatah terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti. The court ruled that Ben Gvir did not send the text messages. (Does Israel have freedom of speech or is it replaced by self-defeatist policy of bullying of true Zionist?)

Sweden embraces Hamas. Sweden is boycotting an international air force exercise in Italy next month due to the fact that Israel’s Air Force will take part. It has also decided to grant entry visas to Hamas members. (Anti-Semitism and Muslim votes have overtaken Neutrality.)

Quote of the Week:

“I cannot think of any other nation at anytime which allowed minorities within it to fly the flags of those engaged in a war with that country. I used to think that the continuation of these intifadas meant that the punishment was not enough. Now I am starting to think that for Israel, the threat level is not enough to awaken Jews who allow such things as Hamas flags on Israeli soil.” — Richard Martens, a subscriber of my letter.

Jewish exhibit about terrorism banned. Pennsylvania State University has canceled an art exhibition about terrorism and the destruction of Jewish historical and religious sites, claiming it “did not promote cultural diversity.” (No ban would apply to Arab cultural diversity.)

Iran has new missiles. Iran has procured North Korean missiles capable of reaching Europe. Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin is quoted as saying that Iran recently received a shipment of BM-25s from Pyonyang. Immediately, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has warned that his country would strike U.S. targets worldwide if it were attacked over its refusals to curb its nuclear program. (It is not just one mad dog PM, it is a deeply unbalanced and twisted society!)

Jihad Rockets hit Israel. Islamic Jihad announced a second launch of a Russian-made rocket from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Last Friday’s Arab terrorists targeted again the southern Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon. It was the second such launch by Islamic Jihad, the Grad rockets were used in March.

Comments on Comments:

“I fear that the government is refraining from sending IDF troops into Gaza to stop the Kassam rockets because it doesn’t want to admit its mistake in withdrawing from Gaza in the first place.” — Moshe Arens former Israeli Defense and Foreign Minister . Governments have a duty to protect the safety of the its citizens and not to expose them to danger. Israeli governments have failed in its duty!

Malaysia demolishes century-old Hindu temple. Malaysian authorities have demolished a century-old Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur, bulldozing the building as devotees cried and begged them to stop, Hindu groups said today. The Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman Temple was reduced to rubble after Kuala Lumpur’s city hall sent in bulldozers, they said. In a complaint to police the temple’s vice president, Subramaniam Ragappan, said about 300 devotees were praying when the machines arrived, accompanied by police and city hall officials.

Saudi’s nuke. Saudi Arabia is working secretly on a nuclear program, with help from Pakistani experts, the German magazine Cicero reported, citing Western security sources. U.S. military analyst John Pike is quoted as saying that Saudi bar codes can be found on half of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons “because it is Saudi Arabia which ultimately co-financed the Pakistani atomic nuclear program.” Satellite images reportedly indicate that Saudi Arabia has set up a program in Al-Sulaiyil, south of Riyadh, a secret underground city, and dozens of underground silos for missiles. (Time has come to end this charade! “Saudi bar codes” were on 9/11 attack too, but President Bush choose to divert attention to Afghanistan and Iraq.)