Making the case for Jewish Day School

My family and I immigrated to the United States from South Africa 17 years ago – living in St. Louis for the past 14 years. We are parents of a number of children who are all in various stages of education in the Jewish day school system here in St. Louis.

One of the major factors that had a profound influence on our decision to move to St. Louis was the presence of a variety of well established, solid and successful Jewish day schools in this city.

Our experience in the day school system has thus far been a very favorable one. We have been enormously impressed with the high level of both secular and Judaic studies – particularly at the high school level.

Our children are privileged to be able to obtain not only a solid Jewish education in Jewish values, culture and studies but are also provided an outstanding secular education. Classes in the sciences, mathematics, foreign languages, history and the arts are all available, as are AP courses.

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Graduates of our schools are accepted into Ivy League schools and very good colleges all over the country. Our graduates do exceptionally well and emerge to be leaders in their fields. The product of our schools is a well rounded individual, solid in Jewish Values with a loyalty to Israel and well equipped for life.

Our schools are involved in well organized chesed (charitable deeds) programs. In addition, our schools have a comprehensive sports program which operates throughout the year. Our staff members are outstanding and very experienced educators in their respective fields. Our students are happy, dedicated, committed and hard working. Their awards and achievements are numerous.

Unfortunately a number of our day schools are in serious financial difficulty, and the existence of our schools within this community is in jeopardy.

The future, viability and stability of a Jewish community are largely dependent upon the success of the Jewish day school system within that community.

The future of the Jewish nation and continuity of the Jewish people is dependent upon our children and how we raise and educate them.

It is vital to us as a community to ensure that our day schools remain viable. Jewish day schools and education must be viewed as a strategic investment in our children, our community and our nation.

We owe it to our children to support our Jewish day schools both financially and by choosing to educate our children within the day school system.

Yvette Levy

University City