Letters to the Editor: Week of May 8, 2013

‘Thank you’ from former Jewish Federation leader

I want to express my enormous thanks and gratitude to the Jewish Federation and the “Friends of Barry” Committee for the warm and gracious retirement party held in my honor, just prior to the ThriveLive gala at the Peabody Opera House. It was a beautiful evening, and I thank everyone involved. I am also so pleased at the establishment of the Barry Rosenberg Endowment for Professional Development that will further the important work we started with the Millstone Institute for Jewish Leadership. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

It has been a distinct honor, and truly rewarding, to have served the St. Louis Jewish community for nearly 20 years. As I reflected that evening, I feel very proud of our many achievements together. I continue to see the Jewish Federation as the community’s critical instrument to forge collective action that will ensure our security, care for the vulnerable, inspire Jewish engagement and build a thriving Jewish community. I want to wish my successor Andrew Rehfeld much success and satisfaction. I have welcomed the opportunity to work closely with him during our transition and admire his passion, energy and commitment.

The job afforded me incredible opportunities – and perhaps none so rewarding as the opportunity to meet and work with incredible people. I am deeply thankful to the hundreds of lay leaders, staff, professional colleagues, religious leaders and community figures with whom I had the privilege of working. They taught and inspired me. And I am deeply grateful to the thousands of donors, without whose generous support, nothing would be possible.


I also want to congratulate the Federation on the spectacular ThriveLive donor appreciation event. It was the best in my memory and did so much to communicate the life-giving and life-enriching work Federation does every day.

St. Louis is a strong, great Jewish community, with a proud past and a dynamic present. It deserves and can have a bright, thriving future. I intend to continue to serve and urge each of you to continue to lavish your love, energy, vision and resources to build and sustain this treasure. Thank you.

Barry Rosenberg, Former President and CEO, Jewish Federation of St. Louis