Letters to the Editor: Week of Jan. 7, 2015

Kudos for Dec. 31 edition

Congratulations to the Light for your Dec. 31 edition, which included several excellent features. In her News & Schmooze column, Ellen Futterman’s interview of Rabbi Mark Shook presented the Rabbi’s wonderful and meaningful work for 40 years as a St. Louis County police chaplain, as well as a his insights into the terrible prejudice displayed by those who “point the ugly finger of collective guilt” at the police. This includes some of the clergy, whom he rightly chastises for urging the police to collectively repent for their sins. As Rabbi Shook says, “From a Jewish perspective we should know better” than to make the police scapegoats because “They (clergy) have no idea what kind of  officers they are or how they do their job.” Some in our community too often display a  predictable reaction to events such as the Ferguson shooting;  Rabbi Shook has provided very good reasons — from his direct experience —  as to why these attitudes are not fair.

Your editorial, “Home and Away,” was also very good. Presenting the case for Israel,  always held to a higher standard than any other nation despite the dangers which it faces every day, was a welcome change from occasional editorials which tend to be overly critical of the Jewish State. It would be an important improvement if the Light’s editorials did not sometimes appear to be even less supportive of Israel  than the constant drumbeat of criticisms from those who wish Israel harm.

All in all, a very good issue.

Irl Solomon, St. Louis County