Letters to the editor, week of Aug. 8, 2012

Romney speech perpetuates stereotype

Mitt Romney managed to put both feet in his mouth at the same time this week. Not only did the Palestinians express umbrage at his comment about Israeli culture being at the root of economic success but those of us sensitive to the “some of my best friends (or contributors) are Jewish” phrase recognized the undercurrent of stereotyping all Jews as being good with moneymaking. Shame on Mitt for letting his ignorance flag fly and shame on the Jewish community for allowing him to perpetuate this stereotype.

Susan Albert, Chesterfield


A different view on health care reform

Based on the article “Jewish groups largely applaud health care ruling” and Eric Mink’s column about Republican reaction to health care reform in the July 4 edition of the Jewish Light, it is clear that the stereotype of Jews being smarter than everyone else is not true.  

Anyone who bothered to read the bill would quickly realize that the results would be disastrous for the health care system in the U.S. 


One in a series of fantasy premises in the Affordable Care Act is that people will be able to find affordable coverage on the state insurance exchanges.  The Act requires all insurance to be offered to anyone, any time they ask, with no exclusions, for the same price as everyone else. With such a small penalty (starting at $95 per year and topping out at 2.5 percent of income), why would  anyone buy insurance until he or she needs it?

The reality is that the only people who will actually buy the coverage will be older people and those with chronic illnesses. Since they will be very costly the premiums will have to rise to pay for care. The Act forbids insurers from charging older buyers more than three times what young buyers pay (the current standard is that the oldest buyer has to pay six to 10 times what the youngest pays). To fix that inequity, the Act will make young people who are foolish enough to buy insurance subsidize older people.  

I guess PT Barnum was right and the Jewish population is not immune.

Jay Kirschbaum, Chesterfield

Thanks for event

I want to thank all who attended the Jewish Community Center/B’nai B’rith Tribute Dinner in my honor on Sunday, July 1 at the Staenberg Family Complex, including: 

• All who planned the dinner—  Diane Maier and B’nai B’rith Presidents Oscar Goldberg and Buddy Lebman and others on the planning committee; as well as the efforts of Kimmi Levinson.

• The Missouri House of Representatives for the Resolution presented to me signed by Reps. Jill Schupp and Steven Tilley

• Emcee Bob Cohn, Editor Emeritus of the Jewish Light, and Irene Fox, who directed the musical program, which touched the hearts of so many people and brought back memories of past years.

• The organizations and individuals who put tributes in the program booklet and thanks for many tributes and good wishes sent to me.

• My wife, Esther, and my family for their love and support through the years.

Tommy Goldenberg, Creve Coeur