LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Week of Aug. 28,2013

A political view from Jerusalem

Secretary of State John Kerry has been traveling the world proclaiming that if or when the Israeli-Palestinian issue is solved, there will be peace in the Middle East. How absurd: A look at recent news included an explosion in Beirut wounding more than 200 people, the Baghdad bombing plus the ongoing saga of death and mayhem in Syria and Egypt. As if all of those responsible for  the above would suddenly put down their weapons and reach out to their brethren.

In addition, Israel has been forced to release more than 100 terrorists with blood on their hands of innocent men, women and children in order for the Palestinian Authority to even condescend to sit down and speak to Israel about peace…of course, with additional demands which will be forthcoming.

What concerns me the most is that the Jews in America remain silent.

Beth Shalom Cemetery ad

Google the Jerusalem Post editorial from Aug. 16 entitled “PA Incitement” (http://goo.gl/WohN2w ) and also the article by Jonathan Pollard, “Restoring Israel to Greatness.” (http://goo.gl/a95bYI ) Perhaps then you will understand the reality of the Middle East and no longer remain silent.

Bryna Franklin

Jerusalem, Israel (formerly of St. Louis)

Columnist’s qualifications questioned

Charles Klotzer’s  letter of last week  carefully dissected Martin Rochester’s column about school transfer in a way that only someone with the breadth of knowledge and life experiences that a journalist and St. Louis treasure like Klotzer could.

 I am not as smart as Mr. Klotzer, but I can be more direct. I suggest that the journalistic custom is that commentary pieces are reserved for those with specific insights or qualifications and not for garden variety blather.

My question is why the Jewish Light continues to honor Rochester by publishing his writings as commentary.  What qualifies him  to lecture  your readers as a commentator, as opposed to  a mere letter writer, other than the fact that he is a professor at a local university?

Perhaps you could let me know what I am missing.

Norman W. Pressman

Crystal Lake Park