Letters to the Editor: Staenberg’s monumental contributions to JCC

Your article stating that Michael Staenberg was leaving early as President of the Jewish Community Center was misleading. The headline should have read that Michael Staenberg had served longer than any president of the JCC and was stepping down after five years. While serving as president during those five years, Michael single-handedly saved the JCC for all Jews and other users of the J’s facilities and services.

He stepped in when the facility was going down the toilet. He stepped in when nobody else would and put his money where his mouth is. Having been vice president of the JCC for four of those five years and now as a staff employee of the JCC, I suggest that everybody owes Michael a tremendous debt of gratitude for what he has sacrificed and for what he has done for our community.

Nobody worked harder; nobody spent more time; nobody was as big of an optimist as Michael.

I also suggest that everybody who uses the JCC and who has not contributed to the building fund, if they can afford it, do so at this time. While this was Michael’s vision, it is everybody’s responsibility to continue making his vision a reality for everybody.

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Alvin Wolff Jr.


[Editor’s Note: Mr. Wolff is a Trustee of the Jewish Light.]