Letters to the Editor: Settlements revisited

Regardless how one views overall President Barack Obama’s Israeli foreign policies, unarguably past and recent decisions have painted him in an unfavorable light. His comprehensive Arab-Israel peace proposal requiring a freeze on West Bank and East Jerusalem settlement construction was puzzling; even more so was the recent reversal without explanation of this insistence as reported in a recent Jewish Light editorial.

It appears as if initial policy was based upon an ideological agenda or an attempt to politically revise an absolute truth of Jewish history that has been so for over 3,300 years. Eretz Yisrael was promised to the nascent Jewish Nation with Jerusalem its eternal capital by G-d as a Torah truth. The President views Israel’s borders and its capital’s as negotiating chips in a high stakes geopolitical poker game; he is willing to move their borders with little regard for their security and Jewish history.

The President owes both supporters and detractors an explanation why his policies are in the best interests of the United States and by what authority he acts.

The stability and security of Israel’s borders are of existentially paramount importance to its survival; they cannot and should not be negotiated away by anyone in the name of making peace. Israel continues to pay dearly in both blood and treasure attempting to do so because “land for peace” is nothing less than giving away land that was given to Klal Yisrael by G-d.


Yankel Ber Stoliar

Jerusalem, Israel and St. Louis, Mo.