Letters to the editor: September 19, 2018


U.S. should lead in solving global health crisis 

Decades of political neglect means almost 5,000 people die daily of tuberculosis (TB). This centuries-old epidemic is now the world’s leading infectious killer, claiming more lives last year than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. 

Fortunately, leaders in Congress, including Rep. Ann Wagner and Rep. William Lacy Clay, have already called for a desperately needed funding increase for TB. On Sept. 26, world leaders will gather at the U.N. to make new commitments in this fight.

Let’s make this new year a year of progress against TB. America must show leadership on this global health crisis by making our own commitments to the cause and leading the world in the UN meeting.

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Yara Levin, Town and Country

Hamas not a viable partner for negotiations

In the Aug. 15 editorial in the Jewish Light (“The Rockets of August”), it was reported that various Jewish groups, including the Jewish Community Relations Council, had condemned the ongoing violent attacks by Hamas against Israeli population centers, and expressed hope that the violence would end, wherein, meaningful negotiations could be initiated to relieve the suffering of the people in Gaza.

Allow me to make it definitively clear to those well intended organizations, that Hamas will never come to the bargaining table with Israel, as it has so explicitly proclaimed and repeated time and time again.

Is anybody listening?

Hamas will never give up trying to destroy the Jewish State and its obsession to commit genocide against the Jewish people. Its hatred and vitriol against Israel can be best described as parallel to Hitler’s plan to rid Europe of all Jews during the Nazi regime. Its relentless rocket attacks upon southern Israel have gone on for years with no end in sight. 

Hamas and its leadership will not even refer to Israel by its name, instead, calling the Jewish State,”the Zionist entity.”

No doubt, Israel has by far, the greater military edge, and if it wanted, could wipe Hamas off the face of the map; but unlike Hamas and its fellow Palestinian allies, Israel puts a very high value on human life.  An all-out invasion of Gaza by the Israeli military would cause countless casualties on both sides and result in Israel’s becoming even further ostracized, both in the U.N. and throughout the world.

That said, all is not lost if the Arab nations were to show some backbone and take it upon themselves to replace the Hamas regime in Gaza, either by peaceful means, or force if necessary, to ensure peace in the region. 

Gene Carton, Olivette

Remembering Ari Fuld

My friend was murdered by a Muslim terrorist because he was Jewish, because he lived in Israel, because he was an outspoken supporter of Israel, because he lived in Efrat, because he fought for the rights of Jews to live in all of Israel.  

Ari Fuld was my friend, even though I never met this hero. He loved every Jewish person, taught and helped thousands. We spoke numerous times on Facebook and through email.  

My friend was born in the United States, made aliyah, had a supportive wife and four wonderful children. He was a paratrooper, the son of a rabbi, a fundraiser and supporter of the Israel Defense Forces and a teacher. My friend shared great stories every Friday afternoon on Facebook. He helped thousands of IDF soldiers (regardless of their nation of origin, religion, or race), taught school, was a tour guide and was a friend to many. 

When we use words like “settler,” “occupation” and “settlements,” we are giving excuses to his killer and other terrorists.  When we use those words, we are excusing the behavior of those who don’t only hate Jews that live in Judea and Samara, but hate all Jews. When we use these words we are an accomplice to the murder of my friend. When we use these words, we are saying that the life of a terrorist is more important than my friend’s life. 

May his memory be a blessing and may the way he lived his life continue to impact others in a powerful and impactful manner.

Am Yisrael Chai!  

Mike Minoff, Nusach Hari B’nai Zion member, Olivette