Letters to the Editor: Sen. Bond’s retirement

That Sen. Christopher S. “Kit” Bond retired from the U.S. Senate at the end of 2010 after four illustrious terms is sad for all Missourians, regardless of political affiliation. (See tribute, page 9, Jan. 12, 2011 issue.)

Bond represented everything good about politics in a day and age in which the term “civility” has become as outdated as the dinosaur. He was a tough, arduous fighter, both for the nation and for his home state, yet he performed his duties with class, valor and dignity, without resorting to vindictiveness, rancor, or personal attacks. He was the epitome and personification of a true civil servant, treasuring and fighting for the rights of all Americans.

It’s easy to see why members on both sides of the aisle-Republicans and Democrats alike-held him in such high regard and esteem.

His mantra of “work together, play nice” is not only germane to politics, but should serve as an example for people in all walks of life.

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How poignant his farewell speech to the Senate in which he was quoted as stating: “In a world today where enemies are real, the kind who seek to destroy others because of their religion, it is important to remember there is a lot of real estate between a political opponent and a true enemy.”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t express my indebtedness, together with my heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude to Sen. Bond, for his meritorious service to our beloved nation, and to our home state of Missouri.

Gene Carton