Letters to the editor: Publisher’s commentary draws response

I read Larry Levin’s Nov. 24 article (“No cure for what Ailes us”) regarding the usage of the Nazi comparison used on the Fox News Network. While I sincerely agree with your disgust at the usage of the comparison, I do so in any situation because I also feel that it minimizes the Holocaust. We differ in that you only see this is as a problem when it is used by someone on the Fox News Network or a Republican or a conservative. MSNBC regularly allows its commentators to use the reference without any apology. Democrat politicians regularly and routinely describe Republicans as Nazis and again no apologies are ever asked for.

Perhaps Glenn Beck exaggerated his points, but George Soros is one of the most dangerous anti-Semites on the planet. There is ample evidence that Mr. Soros has spent a lifetime helping to finance anti Jewish organizations. This started as a teenager when he collaborated with the Nazis, so if you are generally an easy grader on the apology spectrum, I think it is time to forgive Roger Ailes as you have done for others.

Sheldon J. Harber

Creve Coeur