Letters to the editor of the St. Louis Jewish Light


Responses to recent Rochester column  

In the May 24 Light, columnist Marty Rochester tries to defend the indefensible conservative media (“What to make of Tucker Carlson — and other journalists today”). In the face of all the latest lawsuits lost by the revealing that their “news” is nothing more than conservative talking points, he alleges that left and right news sources are all the same.

We have heard this “what aboutism” from conservatives many times when they deny any wrongdoing.  

We need a strong opposition party because it is good for democracy. Unfortunately, Republicans are more interested in establishing an autocracy that is not interested in governing as much as reducing our civil rights.

Stephen Mandel
St. Louis County

As an apologist for the right, Marty Rochester, in his May 24 column, claims that the mainstream media — ABC,CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, PBS, CNN, etc. — are no better than Fox News when it comes to telling the truth. As usual he makes a false equivalency, and he conveniently leaves out glaring facts which contradict his position. 

For instance, what is the mass media equivalent of Fox News having to pay Dominion Voting Machines $787 million for knowingly broadcasting the falsity that the 2020 election was rigged?

But then maybe Rochester still thinks that Trump won.

Alan Rudolph
Creve Coeur