Letters to the Editor: October 5, 2016

Real voting problem goes unaddressed  

The present Republican-controlled Missouri General Assembly has been endeavoring for years to make it more difficult for certain groups (always Democratic-leaning) to vote. I feel very comfortable in this opinion because I was employed for almost 10 years by the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners and worked directly for two Democratic directors. My experience at the Board leads me to be certain that in addition to trying to suppress the vote by creating a problem that doesn’t exist, and never did with voter IDs, another problem that does indeed exist and needs everyone’s attention is gerrymandering.

Every 10 years after the U.S. census the new voting districts are drawn. The present Missouri General Assembly will redraw already Republican-leaning districts. Therefore, little or nothing will change unless the voters loudly express their opposition.

Voters in Missouri should realize that candidates for offices such as Missouri Governor and U.S. Senator which require statewide votes are not impacted by gerrymandering and, therefore, have a more even and fair chance to win.

Barbara Krell Geller

Creve Coeur


Response to Federation leader’s commentary 

In his Sept. 14 commentary,  “Service is the hallmark of St. Louis Jewish Federation,” Federation President and CEO Andrew Rehfeld would have us believe that Federation is not a fundraising organization. Rather, it raises money only to secure its core mission, which he explains, is to advance education, culture, and the arts.

Balderdash. Raising money for any purpose is fundraising and fundraising is the foundation for Federation’s core mission. 

Perhaps, he’s using reverse psychology in an effort to increase donations to the Federation by downplaying the connotation of the term “fundraising,” and instead concentrating and emphasizing the array of purposes for which the money is being used.

I suggest that Rehfeld admit that the Federation needs to raise more money, and thus, is making an all-out appeal to increase, both the number of its donors, together with the amount of their contributions. 

Whenever anyone says it’s not about the money, don’t believe it. Invariably, it’s always about the money.

And you can take that to the bank.

Gene Carton