In remembrance of Rabbi Robert P.Jacobs

Shortly we will observe the 12th yahrzeit of Rabbi Robert P. Jacobs. When most people remember him, they think of the work he did between the Jewish community and the non-Jewish community. My husband and I remember him with great fondness because through his efforts 10 students began receiving kosher meals at dinner time at Washington University. This was the beginning of the kosher meal plan. We had frozen TV dinners and could have chopped meat four consecutive times, but it was a great beginning. I’m sorry that I never thanked Rabbi Jacobs in person when I worked at Hillel, but I always think of him and what he did for the Orthodox students at Wash U. in 1964.

Jackie Gerson

University City

Remain at the table for interfaith dialogue

I am shocked and dismayed to read once again how the Anti-Defamation League has backed away from dialogue because Christians are not acting the way they want them to [Regarding the Oct. 17 article, “Protestant churches’ letter on Israel straining ties with Jews” and an Oct. 31 letter to the editor from ADL Regional Director Karen Aroesty].  

If the ADL believes their reasons are right, stay at the table and argue. It took generations to even get to the table — don’t throw it away. Dialogue is messy and things may be said that are hard to listen to. But no dialogue is worse.

Rick Isserman

Creve Coeur