Letters to the editor: March 7, 2019


Polls need more information

Without knowing how many readers submitted votes for the Jewish Light’s Academy Awards poll, it’s possible to conclude that the percentage represents the universe of St. Louis Jews. That sends a message, for example, that 69.6 percent of us correctly chose the best director.  Percentages are meaningless and can be misleading without knowing how many people participated in the poll. Fortunately, these results are about a light-hearted matter. Please don’t make the mistake that our local networks make when they broadcast the results of a poll of volunteer viewers.  Include the number of respondents.

Margaret Cohen Voss, Richmond Heights

Tactic reminiscent of a troubling era  

Thanks to the Jewish Light for covering the abuses of Canary Mission (“JCRC criticizes blacklisting of St. Louis college student,” Feb. 20 edition). The website takes cyber-bullying to a new extreme. It is reminiscent of the Hollywood blacklist of the 1940s and ’50s, with a much larger reach because of the internet. I am especially troubled by revelations last October in Haaretz and the Forward that name the Jewish Federation of San Francisco as a funder of this site. Canary Mission does not reflect my Jewish values.

Anna Ginsburg, St. Louis

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