Letters to the Editor: June 6, 2018


Counterpoint to commentary 

Henry Schvey’s May 30 commentary, “Trump ends role as honest Mideast mediator,” is completely ridiculous and totally biased.

First of all, I truly do sympathize with the loss of so many human lives; even if the latter were those of the inimical terrorists. However, Mr. Schvey should not blame that on the new capital of Israel. He should realize such skirmishes have been occurring for years.

Second, how could Mr. Schvey feel past endeavors for peace, since the days of President Carter and up until the Barack Obama years are more important than loyalty to Israel? Those past presidents, in essence, were doing just that: showing endeavors of loyalty to the entire region.

Third, he claims President Trump slanders his opponents in unethical rhetoric and such. The truth is that countless high-ranking liberals have blasted Trump personally; the latter of which in this layman’s opinion, shows his “opponents” have absolutely no platform whatsoever. 

Somewhere Mr. Schvey, who is probably brilliant in his field, will see the light and face the facts as to who is unethical and outright hateful. Also, the entire world should know that the century-old hate of Israel is absolutely beyond the realm of normalcy.

Howard Sandler, University City