Letters to the Editor: June 25, 2014

Sensible gun laws

State Rep. Stacey Newman’s June 11 commentary about how anti-Semitism and sexism fuel the climate for hate and irrational behavior is insightful. Her comments that lawmakers refuse to take up her two-year-old bill on background checks for all firearms because legislators claim they are doing what 80 percent of Missourians want may well be so.

For so long as voters accept excuses from lawmakers for not working to pass fair and equitable laws for all members  of our society, or fail to prohibit aggressive use of fire arms, our lives and communities are threatened.

It is time for voters to ask those who serve us and those who would, “Where do you stand on these issues?”  It is time to elect people who have the courage to pass laws that make sense and are fair for this state, our communities and people. 

New Mt. Sinai Cemetery advertisement

Beverly D. Rehfeld, Ladue

Jewish unity 

I hope the rabbis of the St. Louis Kollel, which recently held its Jewish Unity Live fundraising event (and was previewed in the Light’s June 11 edition) and asked for financial contributions from the entire community, could show their commitment to Jewish unity by attending next year’s annual Holocaust commemoration, even if it’s held in a non-Orthodox synagogue and women participate.

Norman Pressman, Crystal Lake Park