Letters to the editor: June 10, 2015

Who’s to blame?

The Light’s June 3 article “Where the Obama-Netanyahu relationship went wrong” by Ron Kampeas of JTA convinces me that the “Can We Talk?” series should cover the topic of whether it is safe to criticize the President of the United States. Much of the Kampeas article seems to blame Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the tension. However, an equal case can be made that President Barack Obama bears much of the responsibility.

Obama made it clear that he would rather work with Tzipi Livni than Netanyahu in the first Israeli election. He did not allow photographs and press conferences during Netanyahu visits in 2009 as is customary. In 2010, Obama left an Israeli delegation to fend for itself while he left to have dinner with his family after reading Netanyahu a list of American demands.

Obama has rarely criticized the Palestinians, asked them to prepare themselves for peace, or asked that the Palestinians stop the constant anti-Semitism that occurs throughout Palestinian society. Rather than addressing Palestinian or Iranian incitement and hatred, the President of the United States has admonished Israel about their attitude. His failure to show real appreciation of the Israeli position and the creation of “daylight” between Israel and America works against the cause of peace.

Until the United States realizes that the Arabs need to accept a Jewish State, there cannot be a settlement of this problem. In the meanwhile, there will be a cold relationship between the leaders of the United States and Israel until the next American election.

Laura Goldmeier, Creve Coeur