Letters to the editor: July 24, 2019


Two states would be ‘nightmare’

Your analysis in a recent editorial (“Where are the Palestinians?” July 10 edition) that arresting a businessman who attended the Jared Kushner-led summit in Bahrain “is further proof that the Palestinian Authority prefers permanent victimhood to a path to statehood and independence,” was spot on. 

What must be added is that PA’s continued encouragement of terrorism is even more obstructionist. The PA is obliged by the Oslo Accords to disarm and outlaw terrorist groups, to extradite terrorists to Israel and to halt all anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement. Everyone knows that the PA has never done any of this. 

While the Obama administration never acknowledged or protested these violations, the Trump administration has demonstrated that it knows full well that Mahmoud Abbas himself has used the PA news media and schools to raise an entire generation of Palestinian Arabs to hate Jews and Israel. 

We need to be clear about this: If this is how the PA acts now, we do not want to find out how it will act if it is given a sovereign state — the nightmare is obvious. Support for two states is wrong and dangerous.

Moshe Phillips, Philadelphia