Letters to the Editor: Jan. 25, 2017

Clarification needed

The Jewish Light’s Jan. 18 article concerning the JCRC’s response to the recent U.N. Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements attributed various statements to me and, for the most part, got it right.  In one respect, though, it did not.  

The article portrayed me as supporting the U.N. resolution, which is not correct.  What I supported is the Obama administration’s decision to abstain on the resolution, and not veto it, as a means of one friend telling another friend a hard truth it needs to hear —  that the Netanyahu administration’s settlement policies could be disastrous for Israel.  That is something different from supporting the resolution itself.

Gerry Greiman, University City 

JCRC should take stand against UN resolution


We, the undersigned, do not understand why the Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis did not issue a statement against U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334. Representing a broad consensus within the St. Louis Jewish community, we believe the resolution is unbalanced, anti-Israel and destructive to peaceful efforts for a two-state solution. The resolution ignores all of Israel’s concessions to the Palestinians and rewards the Palestinians for their refusal to negotiate with Israel.

Many JCRCs throughout the country made statements condemning the resolution, but our St. Louis JCRC issued a statement that only provided information concerning the resolution and various Jewish groups’ responses.

Along with other JCRCs, the majority of mainstream Jewish organizations across the spectrum — from the Reform Movement’s Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) to the Zionist Organization of America — condemned this resolution and the U.S. abstention. On the day the resolution passed, a CCAR statement said:

“[T]he United Nations is not the arena in which to address these complex issues. Peace negotiations belong between the two parties involved. Further, the UN’s obsessive and relentless criticism of Israel, while ignoring the unspeakable repression committed by illegitimate regimes and terrorist organizations worldwide, falsely and maliciously labels Israel uniquely as a pariah state….Today’s abstention, therefore, leaves us dismayed, disappointed and angry.”

No matter one’s position on the settlements, it is generally agreed that the Kotel (i.e., the Western Wall), the Temple Mount and the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem are part of Israel. Resolution 2334 calls all areas won by Israel in the defensive war of 1967 “illegally occupied.” We appreciate the importance of acknowledging diverse opinions within the St. Louis Jewish community on a variety of issues. However, we also believe there exists a broad consensus in our community that describing the Kotel, the Temple Mount and the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem as “illegally occupied” is false and harmful, and must be addressed by the St. Louis JCRC. 

Our own U.S. House of Representatives, in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, rejected the resolution and criticized the U.S. abstention to it. HR11 states that Resolution 2334 “undermines the prospect of bi-lateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and one-sidedly criticizes Israel.” Both Missouri senators — Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill — are among 74 senators co-sponsoring a similar Senate bill, which is expected to pass overwhelmingly.

JCRC’s Mission Statement says it “promotes the security of Israel.” Why does the JCRC refrain from standing with Israel in the face of Resolution 2334, but freely issues definitive statements on many other complicated and controversial issues? Our JCRC strives to represent our broad Jewish community. Since the security of Israel is at our core, we should be united in its defense. Rejection of the U.N. Security Council resolution is not controversial. We don’t believe the JCRC should remain neutral; therefore, we urge them to issue a statement critical of the U.N. resolution.

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason Pat Freed Lew Levey Ethan Schuman
Rabbi Brigitte Rosenberg Wayne Freed Arnold Levin Richard Senturia
Rabbi Mike Rovinsky Gay Lee Freedman Bud Levin Dr. Pearl Serota
Cantor Ron Eichaker Kate Friedman Judy Levin Harvey Serota
Lee Weilansky Robert Friedman Roslyn Levin Dr. Jonathan Shanker
Dorie Sher Alana Fulsom Bobby Levine Michael Shapiro
Amy Bender-Levy Sabrina Fulsom Louise Levine Shelly Shapiro
Paul Kravitz Tony Garavaglia Chana Levitan Barry Sharon
Jenny Wolkowitz Burt Garland Ed Levitt Dale Sharon
Nathan Cohen Michael Geerlof Helayne Levitt Dr. Karen Shawn
Harvey Tettlebaum Alan Gerson Katie Levy Smadar Shenav
Galit Lev-Harir Jackie Gerson Rich Levy Kimberly Sher-Vonk
Rabbi Yosef David Leora Gilboa Hal Lipshutz Linda Shore
Rabbi Tzi Freedman Jacqueline Gitel Bill Lipsitz Norman Shore
Rabbi Seth Gordon Leslie Gitel Larry Lipsitz Leon Shrago
Rabbi Yaakov Green Scott Gitel Lisa Lipsitz Cindy Shuval
Rabbi Menachem Greenblatt Nathanne Gitt Lynne Lipsitz Tom Sibrisky
Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald Dr. Jeffrey Glaser Sabrina Lipsitz Ellen Siegel
Rabbi Yosef Landa David Glazer Shoshana List Victor Siegel
Rabbi Naftali Rothstein Myra Glazer Carol Littman Susan Siegfried
Rabbi Moshe  Shulman Laurie Goldberg Stephen Littman Dayna Sievers
Rabbi Zalman Stein Steve Goldberg Howard Loiterstein Sean Sievers
Rabbi Menachem Tendler Wendy Goldberg Kathy Machefsky Dave Simon
Ron Abeles Robin Gold-Chang Sidney Machefsky Deborah Simon
Mike Alter Devy Goldenberg Mia Mandel Keri Simon
Tracy Alter Jerry Goldenberg Mark Manlin Yitzhak Ari Simon
Meir Armoza Beverly Golder Joy Marcus Jerry Sincoff
Rochelle Aronson Rhonnie Goldfader Carson McGill Suzanne Sincoff
Eva  Ashner Avi Goldfarb Matt Means Boruch Smason
Fred Ashner Evan Goldfarb Donald Meissner Chani Smason
Elise Axelbaum-Goldberg Al Goldman Dr. Jeff Melnick Dodi Smason
Judy Baker Judy Goldman Ophira Melnick Leib Smason
Travis Baker Dr. David Goldmeier Paul Mendelson Sivya Smason
Lila Balla Dr. Laura Goldmeier Barb Meyer Irl Solomon
Annette Balzer Rachel Goldmeier Stuart Meyer Myra Solomon
Gerald Bamberger Traci Goldstein Bruce Michelson Adam Spielberg
Maxine Bamberger Yishai Gorden Ilanit Michelson Tali Stadler
Diann Bank Alan Gorman Malina Milosevich Jill Starr
Ellen Bardy Claudia Gorman Alana Minoff Steve Starr
Jan Baron Shirley Gorman Ben Minoff Ellen Stein
Michael Bauer Danny  Gorodetsky Michael Minoff Nancy Stein
Sheryl Bauer Olga Gorodetsky Sharon Minoff Adam Steinman
Rob Beattie Yuri Gorodetsky Daniel Morgensztern Larry Steinman
Stephen Bebout Ariella Grafman Marcela Morgensztern Jennifer Sterling
David  Bender Michael Grafman Beth Moritz Chaim Stobezki
Irv  Benhardt Barbara Green Jason Moritz Keryn Stobezki
Dr. Craig Berkin Dr. Morton Green Galia Movitz Joy Strathman
Jackie Berkin Marvin Greenberg Milton Movitz Joel Suffian
Jennifer Bernstein Sandra Greenberg Michelle Mufson Natalie Sukhadolsky
Eldad Bialecki Sheilah Gross Hessie Needle Yuri Sukhadolsky
Joe Bierman Mike Gurlin Sally Needle Dr. Daniel Sullivan
Lisa  Binowitz Alan Haber Jodie Neuman Susan Marks Sullivan
Randy Bloyd Daniel Haberer Len Neuman Daniel Swindell
Pat Blumenfeld Debbie Hadar Bobby Oakes Menachem Szus
Ron Blumenfeld Meir Haflon Ruth Oakes Chaim Talmon
Dr. Keith Breiman Deby Halpern Howard Oppenheimer Bob Tegman
Scott Brenner Tom Hardcastle Jackie Oppenheimer Merle Tegman
Al Bromberg Elie Harir Lynne Palan Ann Tettlebaum
Alan Brook Emy Hasky Dr. Jay Pepose Joshua Thomure
Marcie Brook Renee Sigel Hearst Rachel Persellin-Armoza Barry Torgove
Shalom Cago Mark Heller Nir Peters Diane Torgove
Harvey Cantor Linda Horwitz Orly Peters Stan Towerman
Mark Cantor Phil Horwitz Jordan Pitler Sharlene  Toybes
Geoffrey Carman Glen House Marilen Pitler Jay Umansky
Lawrence S Carson Kristy Howard Judith Plocker Peggy Umansky
Sandra Cassmeyer Gertrude Hulbert Stan Plocker Dr. Gil Vardi
Courtney Cerulo Tobie Hupert Jim Pollock Sigalit Vardi
Kalanit Chappell Laura Huvard David Porter Hanoch Vilna’i
Matthew  Chase Harvey Iken Gail Porter Yossi Vilna’i
Randee Chasen-Citurs Warren Isakow Dr. Hilton Price Leonid  Vladimirov
Gary Chervitz Marc Jacob Bryan Rader Stella Vladimirov
Larry Chervitz Kim Jacobs Howard Rader Donna Waldman
Steve Chervitz Kurt Kahn Jeannie Rader Mark Waldman
David Cohen Sandy Kahn Yaacov Radin David Wallace
Ellie Cohen Bob Kaiser Herb Raiffie Bruce Waxman
Jenn Cohen David Kaiser Alan Raymond Faith Waxman
Linda Cohen Joni Kaiser Cheri Rich Laurie Weilansky
Sandy Cohen Dr. Steve Kamenetzky Dina Rinder Mark Weinstein
Rodger Cooper Phyllis Kamenetzky Michael Lee Robins Carla Weintraub
Dave L. Cornfeld Aaron Katzman Avi Rosen  Leonard Weintraub
Jim Cornfeld Andy Katzman Mara  Rosen Raglin Don Weis
Marcy Cornfeld Jeanne Katzman Bud Rosenbaum Joan Weis
Richard Cornfeld Rachel Katzman Zev Rosenberg Sally Thiron Weiss
Rachel Crall Taxman Miki Kinkead Mike Rosenblatt Sanford Wertheimer
Marie Cuttler Jay Kirschbaum Peggy Rothman Paul Whitson
Dorit Daphna Iken Patti Kirschbaum Sharon Rothmel Sherri  Wieczorek
Guy Dar Stuart Klamen Steve Rothmel Ph.D. Barbara Wolkowitz
Orna Dar Malcolm Klearman Barry Roufa Barry  Wolkowitz
Jeff Dean Jerry Koenig Dikla Roufa Rich Wolkowitz
Shelley Dean Linda Koenig Stephen Roufa Mindy Woolf
Harriet Dunski Svetlana Kogan Libby Routman Richard Woolf
Neil Dunski B.J.  Konitz Stephanie Rubach Alex Yasinev
Linda Edelman Andrea Korein Barbara Rubin Alla Yasinev
Michael Edelstein Michael Korein David Rubin Boris Yasinev
Joel Ehrlich John Korst Don Rubin Dennis Yasinev
David Eidelman Fran Kravitz Norma Rubin Barry Yoffie
Rachel Eidelman Israel Krechely Chrissie Rush Leslie Yoffie
Donald Eisenberg Natalie Krechely Jason Rush Alan Zarkowsky
Julie Eisenberg Dr. William Kreiger Nancy Rush Vivian Zarkowsky
Doron Fadlon Natalie Kretchly Sarah  Rush Keith Zeff
Michal Fadlon Linda Kusmer Todd Rush Barbara Zurcher
Teree  Farbstein Sanford Kusmer Elie Sadon  
Mimi Feizel Leslye Laderman Marcel Saleniuc Additional names:
Paul Felder Lou Laderman Carolyn Satz Chris Brown
Jonty Felsher Lori Laird Larry Satz Ken Bohm
Julie Ann Felsher Steve Lander Heath Schecter Lois Elfanbaum
Jimmy Fendelman Michael Landy Earl Schenberg Shelah Feldman
Stacey Fendelman Lisa  Larson Alvin Myron Scher Richard O. Fine
Don  Ferman William Latz Norma Sue Scher Marian S. Gordon
Chayaraizel Flaks Mark Lebedun Jeff Schneiderman Alan Levi
Matt Fott Norman Leve Robert Schnurman Mauricio Lisker
Jann Fowler Cheryl Levey Deborah Schuman Robert Rabinoff
Irwin Fredman     Stephen G. Roufa
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