Letters to the editor: Iranian threat

Gene Carton

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a genocidal madman, and I have no doubt that he intends to try to make good on his promise to “wipe Israel off the face of the map” when Iran’s nuclear weapons program becomes operational, which could come as early as next year.

I feel that Israel needs to launch a pre-emptive strike now against Iran’s nuclear sites in order to avert potential annihilation and another Holocaust.  

The situation has become increasingly worse in the past two years. Israel is sitting on a time bomb, and time is running out.  

United Nations and U.S. sanctions haven’t deterred Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and in all likelihood, will prove to be fruitless.


If Israel were to launch such a pre-emptive attack, it would be excoriated by the world media, even though, as a sovereign state, Israel has the right and the duty to defend its citizens against any act of aggression, or in this case, imminent aggression.

However, notwithstanding public ostracism and condemnation if such a scenario were to occur, privately I suspect, a plethora of nations, including many in the Arab world, would breathe a large sigh of relief and secretly express gratefulness to Israel for eliminating such an egregious threat to world peace.

Israel should strike now, as Ahmadinejad’s vile, despicable, promise must never be allowed to reach fruition.

Gene Carton