Letters to the editor: Holocaust Museum groundbreaking, Jill Schupp


Appreciation for original Holocaust Museum founders

Your coverage of the Holocaust Museum groundbreaking (Nov. 18 edition) was appreciated. My family and I would like to clarify some important points. The museum is dedicated in honor of the survivors and in memory of the victims, not only our family. 

My late husband, Rubin Feldman, my brother David Kaplan and I are committed to Holocaust education as survivors of the atrocities. 

The museum bearing our family names will make certain that the teaching continues for our community and the region to ensure that no other generation experiences the dark days ever again. 

The original Holocaust Museum and Learning Center would not have been built without the founding families of Leo Wolf, Bill Kahn and Tom Green more than 35 years ago. The community and our family are forever grateful for their foresight and dedication. 

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We look forward to the new Holocaust Museum opening in 2022. 

Gloria Feldman, St. Louis

Hoping state senator runs again

After reading state Sen. Jill Schupp’s interview (published online Nov. 9) with Jewish Light Associate Editor Eric Berger, I want to take this occasion to extend kudos and congratulations for a valiant, hard fought – albeit, unsuccessful – effort to unseat Congresswoman Ann Wagner, R-2nd District, in the Nov. 3 election.

I had the honor of meeting Schupp about a year ago. I must say how impressed I was when I met her in person. What an articulate, lovely, charming woman. Even though I consider myself a moderate conservative Independent (as opposed to her being a liberal Democrat), we shared much in common. Both of us have endorsed Medicaid expansion, the Affordable Care Act, women’s reproductive rights and the fight against domestic violence.

I realized that Schupp was in for a tough fight against Wagner, who was running for a fifth consecutive term, but the fact that this was Schupp’s first foray into national politics, and only lost by single-digit percentage points, was really remarkable.

I sincerely hope her defeat won’t dissuade her from running again for national office, perhaps running once more in two years for Congress or even a future bid for the U.S. Senate. Even though she was defeated in the recent election, in my eyes, she’ll always be a winner.

Gene Carton, University City