Letters to the editor: Debating Soros comments

It is with cynical resignation that I occasionally pick up the Jewish Light, hoping that this time will be different; that perhaps this time I won’t be denigrated along with all other Republican Jews, politically conservative Jews or (heaven forfend) Jews who watch Glenn Beck and FOX News Channel (FNC).

Alas, I found only disappointment again when I read Mr. Levin’s Nov. 24 rant against Roger Ailes, FNC’s president. In order to conserve space, I will address only Mr. Levin’s mendacious characterization of FOX’s Glenn Beck’s alleged improper Nazi references, including: “Beck’s shows are littered with Nazi references.” Yes, they are, in an appropriate historical context. He then stated that Beck “recently accused Jewish financier George Soros of sending Jews to death camps as a 13 year old.” This is a lie. Not a mischaracterization, but a lie. For three days, Nov. 9 to 11, Beck did an enormous public service with his exposé of Soros.

Throughout the exposé, which ought to make every American’s heart skip a beat in fear, considering the enormous power this evil man wields in Washington and worldwide, through political control of Democrats and the funding of many Leftist political groups, Beck used Soros’ own words to condemn. It was Soros who condemns himself – yes, a Jew – who at 14 was, according to Beck “helping the government confiscate land from his Jewish friends and neighbors; I can’t imagine what that would do to a teenager, or anybody – an adult, well, what did it do to George Soros? In an interview with Steve Kroft, Soros was asked if he felt guilt, at all, about taking the property from the Jews as a teenager? He responded, ‘no.'”

Much else is quoted of Soros, which should chill any sane and sound person to their bones. Soros is in favor of global government by Socialist bureaucrats, ruled ultimately by those with the economic power to ‘call the shots’ (i.e., him). Soros has compared himself to God.

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Beck also often notes that the Nazi movement grew out of the Progressive movements of the time, and points to the many parallels with current and past Progressives in our government now and in times past. This is not a cheapening of the Jewish experience with Nazis – it is an honest and well-needed reexamination of a terrible part of our history in light of current events.

Attacks by Jewish organizations on critics of George Soros, a man who himself does not practice Judaism, identify with Jews or support Israel, are incomprehensible. Shame on Abe Foxman, and shame on Mr. Levin. Doubly so for attacks on Glenn Beck, who is an unabashed supporter of Jews and Israel.

In all, Beck has been providing Americans a much-needed refresher course in history -American and world alike. Mr. Levin’s inaccurate and purposeful mischaracterization of Glenn Beck is shoddy journalism at best and outright lies at worst.

It is unworthy of his readership who, perhaps unbelievably to Mr. Levin and the Jewish Light staff, are not all Liberals whose heads explode if the name Palin is mentioned! (Really, it’s true! Some Jews in St. Louis – even some who attend more liberal congregations or none at all – might even be [gasp] Republicans!! Shhhhh…)

Matthew Chase

University City

Mr. Levin responds:

Mr. Chase’s response to my editorial mistakenly suggests that I denigrate Republican Jews.  His comments could not be farther from the truth.

The denigration he refers to in my column is directed toward Roger Ailes, his grossly inaccurate and offensive labeling of National Public Radio executives as Nazis, and his continued acquiescence in Fox commentators’ use of Nazi comparisons.  This has nothing to do with Republican Jews whatsoever.  I have neither the right nor the desire to issue judgment about a Jew’s (or anyone’s) political affiliation.  And as we’ve stated in these pages many times, Jews of all political stripes can be, and are, lovers and supporters of Israel; they do not have to meet Mr. Chase’s, or my, litmus test to be so. Furthermore, there have been comparable horrendous comparisons from the left, namely, the BDS movement’s use of the apartheid metaphor with Israel, which I point out in the column.