Letters to the editor: Cost of membership

The Staenberg Family Complex is beautiful state-of-the art facility. Period.

In my opinion however, its membership dues are way too high for the average individual and family. I am not by any means saying it is not worth it, I am stating that there are people out there who cannot afford to join. I am not talking about people who meet the poverty guidelines, but for average people: the dues are just too steep for their budgets.  

The Jewish Community Center was never like that before.  It was accessible to all.  When the new building was built and the restructuring of the pricing was implemented to include services that used to be exclusively part of the health club dues only, the new Staenberg Complex dues went up…and up.

I am disappointed and have been for some time.  We were longtime members of the old Jewish Community Center and then had to drop out.  My husband recently joined – he had to – but it is a stretch financially.  Right now we have no choice. He needs it.  We will see how long we can keep it going. I cannot join him there for workouts.  


I think the dues structure needs to be revisited and made more affordable for the average individual/family.

Faith Schwartz Comensky

Creve Coe