Letters: Political ads draw ire

I have always loved the phrase Klal Yisroel (All of Israel).

Klal Yisroel describes and promotes a sense of shared community and destiny among all Jews. I did not experience a shared Jewish community when I read the outrageous Oct. 6 ad in the Jewish Light paid for by the Republican Jewish Coalition I agree with the sentiment in the ad “The Greatest Jewish Value is Family.” But I am furious that the Republican Jewish Coalition would suppose that my Jewish family is at risk because of policies supported by Robin Carnahan. Their claim that supporting decent, fundamental health care for all Americans puts our families at risk, does not represent my idea of tikkun olam. These characterizations are not Jewish, they are Republican.

The RJC does not represent my Jewish values, nor those of many of my Jewish friends or my Mispacha.

Advocate your position, but do not claim to represent Jewish values. To hijack Jewish values for partisan purposes is a shanda.

Debbie Igielnik,  Clayton


In response to the full-page ad against Robin Carnahan by Jewish Republicans, connecting Ms. Carnahan with George Soros, I have the following comment. The ad uses scare tactics, making the name of George Soros akin to the boogeyman. This is not only wrong, it is inaccurate. Mr. Soros, a Jew, was born in Soviet-era Hungary. As a child, he saw first-hand that governments do not always have the best interests of their people at heart, and he has donated billions of dollars over the years to promote democracy, free speech, and human rights around the world, beginning is Eastern and Central European countries in the 1980s. It is unconscionable for fellow Jews to vilify this man. Anyone who doubts that Mr. Soros uses his wealth to help people and support the cause of democracy around the world should visit soros.org.

Joy Marcus, St. Louis


The Republican Jewish Coalition’s ad in the Oct. 13 Jewish Light shamefully attempts to split the Jewish Community’s support for Israel for petty political gain. It does not discuss a single policy position taken by U.S. Senate candidate Robin Carnahan, but contents itself with McCarthyite name-calling, falsely accusing her of taking money from George Soros through JStreetPAC and implying that she is anti-Israel. Secretary of State Carnahan has visited Israel several times. It is her judgment that “unwavering support for Israel” is essential to keeping America “safe and strong.” Carnahan also favors “containing Iran by any means necessary.”

Additionally, most Jews consider not just a candidate’s stand on Israel and the Middle East, but their record on fiscal responsibility, women’s rights, energy independence, jobs, small business, our two wars, veterans’ matters and their record of votes corrupted by lobbyists. Nothing in this attack ad considers the candidates’ relative positions on all these important issues. We will not be so easily diverted.

While the ad correctly asserts that Robin has been endorsed by JStreetPAC, none of the contributions she received from this PAC were from George Soros. His JStreet contributions help support a legally separate organization. JStreetPAC contributions to Carnahan were made by hundreds of individuals, not Mr. Soros. The national Republican Jewish Coalition is so ignorant of Carnahan and Missouri that its ad charged that she “votes the JStreet line” even though Robin has never held a legislative, voting office. The ad fails to mention that Carnahan has been endorsed by several other unrelated pro-Israel PACs.

JStreet, along with many Israeli politicians, believes that time is running out on a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian dispute – and that such a solution is vital to Israel’s security and continuance as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people. I believe its ideas need to be heard by our community, not silenced by those who disagree. Whether we like it or not, JStreet’s ideas have a great appeal on college campuses and among many of the younger members of our community. They are an antidote to the growth of a delegitimizing (BDS) threat to Israel there. For accurate information on JStreet’s position on the issues, visit its website, www.jstreet.org.

Stephen W. Skrainka, University City