Letter to the editor

A different view of Trump

Recent commentaries about Donald Trump on these pages were very disturbing (May 18 commentary, “Donald Trump is a visionary with talents our country needs,” and May 25 Letter to the Editor). Trump embodies the opposite of how I embrace my Jewish values. He is a hatemonger. A racist. He has no humility. No empathy. A complete void of humanism.

Consider the message from bestselling Israeli author Ari Shavit from his article in the March 24 Haaretz: “Jews, beware of Trump. Beware of his ultra-nationalism. Beware of his blatant racism. Beware of his violent populism. Beware of the way he molds the masses and does with them as he pleases. Throughout history, demagogues who inflamed passions and provoked hatred like Trump were the Jews’ most dangerous enemies. In countless countries and during innumerable eras, public figures like Trump fomented angry popular uprisings that sooner or later led to persecution of the Jews. Every Jew should shudder in the presence of the Trump phenomenon.”

Is it a wonder that neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists cheer him on?

Gary Weiss, Frontenac