Letter to the Editor: Week of April 27

Reactions to editorial cartoon 

I can’t tell you how disgusted I am at the April 13 editorial cartoon you published in the Jewish Light. As a former St. Louisan now living in Jerusalem, I am beyond embarrassed that my former hometown paper has descended to the 49th level of negativity — and I would bet you don’t know that reference. We all have free will, but we also will have to answer for our choices to a “higher authority,” and you’d better start now working on your explanation.

Shira Yashin (formerly Terry Moss)




Congratulations to the Light for being bold and having the chutzpah to publish a very controversial editorial cartoon. You have fulfilled a serious and sometimes controversial obligation to keep your readership informed so that we can have a conversation about issues that threaten all of us. Please keep doing the amazing job you do keeping us informed and having the conversation.

Eedie Weis Cuminale