Letter to the editor: March 11, 2020

Gun crimes call for severe punishment

Regarding the Jewish Light’s March 4 editorial, “ADL’s Sobering Report on Extremism and Murder in the U.S.”: Virtually all acts of murder and extremism have been committed by perpetrators using various kinds of guns. While most of the attention has focused on removing illegal guns from society, not enough attention has been directed to those who use these weapons in the commission of crimes.

Allow me to suggest a way to help curb this insidious problem. I propose that anyone using a gun in the commission of a crime — any crime — be given a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole. In other words, a life sentence would mean exactly that, regardless of whether or not the victims are injured, killed, or not harmed in any way. This action would take the illegal weapons out of circulation and remove such criminals from society forever.

I realize the high cost of such an endeavor, as many more prisons would have to be built to accommodate the swelling prison population. However, think about how much in taxes we pay for the defense of our nation against foreign enemies.

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That said, is the fight against domestic extremism and murder any less important?

Gene Carton, University City