Letter to the editor: June 17, 2015

Officials should have done more  after 2008 school incident

I am writing this letter after reading Ellen Futterman’s article entitled: “Looking back, ‘Hit a Jew Day’ (May 27, 2015) target says silence is not the way.”

In October of 2008, I brought a petition before the Parkway School Board signed by more than 200 parents and taxpayers in the Parkway School District. Our request was simple; we wanted the district to further investigate how the adults at the school could have allowed this to happen.

In the course of my investigation leading up to the school board meeting, we learned through the school that one employee knew of the “Hit a Jew Day” plan nearly 72 hours ahead of time.

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We asked for further investigation because we also learned through the school that another school employee had known Jewish students were being “hit” while “Hit a Jew Day” was ongoing.

We could not get the school to take any meaningful action, which led to the serious consequences noted in Futterman’s piece. I feel that the Anti-Defamation League and other local Jewish leaders at the time looked to “move on.”

I am sorry. Justin, the Jewish leadership failed you. The school district failed you. Your school failed you. And we the petitioners failed you too, about which I am truly sorry. We did not effectuate a better outcome. I hope you gain strength through your tribulations and set a better example for my children than we did for you.

Edward Weinhaus, Creve Coeur

Presenter of “Parkway Investigation Petition”: