Letter to the Editor: January 11, 2017

Who is to blame?

On Dec. 23, the United Nations pulled out all of its anti-Semitic and anti-Israel ammunition and passed Resolution 2334, a very one-sided, biased, and inaccurate statement. 

For decades the United States vetoed anti-Semitic U.N. resolutions and worked with other nations to drop the resolutions or vote no. This time, the last such vote of the Obama administration, was different. The abstention is similar to the current game plan of many anti-Semites around the world: lie about Jews, lie about Israel, and make Palestinians look like victims. The result is some people begin to believe these lies. 

A few days after the U.N. vote, Secretary of State John Kerry gave an anti-Israel speech with numerous lies or inaccuracies: 

• Equating Jewish building of communities to Palestinian terror

• Stating Israel must either be Jewish or democratic but not both

• Asserting that no American president has done more for Israel’s security than Obama

• Equating Palestinian government to the Israeli government.

On Jan. 8, just days after the U.N. and Kerry rewarded terrrorism and punished democracy, a Palestinian terrorist drove his vehicle into Israel Defense Forces soldiers in Jerusalem killing four and injuring 16.

Who is to blame for the breakdown of the peace process? If you ask the U.N. and John Kerry, it is probably the soldiers, the victims, the Jews, but I hope we all can see through these lies and understand that the cycle of rewarding terorrists must end if we are to ever see peace in Israel.  

We must hold the Palestinians to the same standards we expect from Israel. We must require democratic elections, equal treatment of all citizens, and recognition of the only Jewish nation in the world.

If they cannot and will not comply, there is no reason to continue negotiations as they are not seeking peace, they are simply seeking to rid the world of Judaism.

Michael Minoff