Letter: Seeking justice rather than political points

In reference to the (June 14 commentary, “Governor shouldn’t use prayer, women’s reproductive rights for political gain”), rather than the pro-choice versus pro-life narrative that our Republican Governor is politically a part of, defining the issue as a matter of justice is more congruent with his public avowal of Judaism, which commands us to always seek justice. 

Continuing the political narrative is unjust — the deprivation of medical care based upon political ideology. Both political parties have shown little sincere interest in preserving a woman’s reproductive rights, but a keen interest in making fundraising points. 

If Planned Parenthood’s abortion activities were offensive to Republicans they could have selectively withheld funding for it instead of defunding it. Democrats refused to participate in this compromise so that they could make points with their fundraising base. 

The saving of human life has no peer in Judaism, and the Talmud is very clear about the obligation to abort the fetus in order to save the life of the mother. The fetus is considered rodef, a pursuer that will kill the mother, states Talmudic commentator the Rambam. 

Rashi, another commentator, states abortion is permissible when the mother’s life or health is threatened. The governor espouses Reform Judaism, and I hope that his sincerity gives him the ability to seek justice rather than appearing to be acting from political expediency.

Bruce Stoliar, St. Louis