Letter: Caring for seniors during the pandemic


Nikki Goldstein’s commentary, “A call to community” (Jewish Light, April 14) on how to cope and deal with the current coronavirus pandemic made me beam with pride as Nikki, the director of Crown Center for Senior Living, is my cousin. It was spot on.

This deadly virus has permeated the world’s population and has led to “social isolation,” particularly among older adults.

As a result, the pandemic has caused much emotional despair, a fact that must not be overlooked.

Although we’re all in this together, let us not forget the ones who need us the most.

During this trying time, keeping in touch with the elderly by writing letters and phoning them would certainly help to alleviate and mitigate the loneliness our senior citizens are experiencing, and would, no doubt, be met with sincere appreciation.

That said, we Jews can do our part in the fight against this insidious illness by continuing the practice of the never-ending, age-old concept of tikkun olam — repair of the world.

Gene Carton, University City