Letter: Calling JCRC Student-to-Student alumni

I am proud to be one of the 852 alumni of the Jewish Community Relations Council’s Student-to-Student program, an incredible mechanism for Jewish high school students to concretely fight prejudice. Since 1992, Student-to-Student participants have taught thousands of non-Jewish high school students around the St. Louis area what it means to be a Jewish teenager, explaining rituals, life cycle observances, their relationship with Israel, and many more aspects of Jewish life. The non-Jewish students leave the presentation with an understanding of daily Jewish life and a personal connection to the Jewish people as a whole.

I had the opportunity to intern for the Student-to-Student program this summer, and my project was to collect current contact information for as many alumni of the program as possible. The goal of this project is to connect Student-to-Student alumni and to find out what they are doing now and how the program has influenced their choices later in life. If you are an alumnus or know any alumni of Student-to-Student, please send your/the alum’s current email address to the JCRC at [email protected]. Thanks so much for your help in strengthening this valuable program.

Nava Kantor

JCRC Student-to-Student participant, 2006-2008

Barnard College, Class of 2012