It’s only a flesh wound

Larry Levin

By Larry Levin, Publisher/CEO

Who is crying in his or her favorite Anheuser-Busch or Schlafly product about Adam Wainwright?

If you’re one who is allowing sobs to spoil your early-season fun, then I strongly suggest you suppress the crying urge.

For one thing, almost everyone is overreacting.

For another, the Cards are hardly less lucky than the next guy. Especially if the next guy is the Texas Rangers.

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You remember the Rangers, right? The team that we beat in the 2011 World Series only because…because…well, I can’t really explain it. And I was there!

But I’m not really talking about the ’11 edition of the Rangers right now, nor their next two very successful seasons, but rather, the more recent 2014 vintage. The one that makes Wainwright’s injury look kinda like a small splinter.

Why do I say that? Oh, nothing in particular. Just that according to Jonah Keri on, the Rangers lost 688 games to the disabled list. 

By June 11.

That’s right – a little more than two months into the season, the Rangers had lost more than four full seasons worth of player-games to the disabled list. Not to mention that every one of their starting rotation spent a gig on the DL.

For the total season? According to the site, you can more than double that 688 for the Rangers’ total man-games on the DL for 2014. Colorado had about 60 percent of Texas’ bad luck, while not one other team had more than half Texas’ bad luck.

So the Cards have a wayyyyyy to go to equal that black magic Texas suffered last year.

 Homers will remind me that we witnessed another fall from grace by Jaime Garcia already. But I won’t concede that point, as even the team itself was reticent to count on even a smidgen of unhurt time from the constantly pained lefty.

And the other hurts that we’ve experienced to date — Molina’s fluky knee pain and Heyward’s apparently small groin injury — are small potatoes. At least thus far.

I know diehard Redbird fans will counter that last year we made the playoffs, even fought hard to return to the Series, despite key injuries, including one to our all-world backstop. But consider this —our man-games lost weren’t even 40 percent of those of the Rangers.

So when Waino is joined by Lynn and Lackey and Martinez and Wacha on the DL, and when Matt Adams rolls over a tarp (think: Vince) and Peter Bourjos breaks through a center field wall and Matt Carpenter trips carrying deer meet up the stairs (yes, that last one really, truly did happen to Clint Barmes in 2005, while he was with the Rockies), then maybe we’ll have something to complain about. 

Until then…keep Band Aids and maybe some duct tape around and hope for the best.