Imagine a World

Ronit Sherwin

Ronit Sherwin

I am very fortunate. I work for an organization that has a group of genuine individuals serving on its Board of Directors. Each and every one of the directors is passionate, committed, loyal, smart and kind. They are an exceptional group.

As I was driving home after a board meeting the other night, I was reflecting on the honesty and sincerity of the group. I love and appreciate how we interact with honesty and clarity. We speak directly to each other, demonstrating respect and courtesy. We feel comfortable sharing different opinions and perspectives. Our agenda is clear and our motives are in sync with our mission. Oh – and we also like each other and actually enjoy our meetings. What a novelty!

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Shouldn’t we all feel this way about our daily interactions and meetings? In a world in which scandals and incidences of distrust dominate our news, a “board room” such as the one I described is refreshing.

Daily conversations so quickly turn into games of “telephone,” like my sister and I recalled this morning in which someone whispers the information to someone else and so forth and then we no longer recognize the original thought.

Imagine a world in which qualities such as character, dignity and honor were truly a priority. I hope to do more than imagine it, but reflect it.