Human Resilience

Ronit Sherwin

I stayed up past my bedtime on Tuesday evening to watch the first rescued Chilean miner brought to safety. I was mesmerized by the awe of it all – the emotions, the technicalities, the bystanders, the cameras and the survival of the human body and the human spirit. The following morning, as I worked out at the gym, the televisions continued the live coverage – now of miner #13 being rescued. I found my eyes drawn to the coverage, but I just as quickly turned my attention elsewhere after a few brief minutes. I simply could not take the emotions that surfaced within me that watching this event released. I was overcome with “the chills” and became choked up as I pressed through my work-out.

Human beings truly are resilient. I realize this is not an original thought. On the contrary, we have all heard this phrase many times in our lives, but the truth of it still amazes me. People all over the world and during all times of human history have endured and survived horrendous and painful situations. Being Jews, we know this all too well. And the miracle is that not only do human beings survive, but they continue their lives – many for better lives than previously lived and sometimes, unfortunately, others lives take turns for the worse.

Life goes on. I am always curious to see what transpires after such miraculous events. There is already talk of book deals and television contracts for the miners, as well as travel trips and many assorted freebies to be enjoyed. What will they do with their lives regained and improved in many ways? Will their gratitude remain as strong with each passing day?

Once again I am reminded how fortunate I am. And yes, I do need to be reminded. And that reminder does not make me anything less than human.