O holy Shabbes — Inspiration Yitro

By Rabbi James Stone Goodman

How we received Yitro is an us-and-them problem

he gave us something additional

this priest of Midian

something unexpected

his name was Yeter [Hebrew for additional]

he brought additional wisdom

something from the outside.

Once we integrated his wisdom

he became Yitro

he earned a vuv

a direct connection with the Holy One

straight up and down letter

the Or Yashar

the direct light we call it.

His wisdom was from the outside

what is additional is what he taught Moses

how to bring down the wisdom from the outside

in its applications and implications and inferences

what we will draw for ourselves.

Outside becoming inside.

From the outsider Amalek we received only nastiness –

from the outsider Yitro –

wisdom beyond measure.

D’var Torah

Rabbi James Stone Goodman serves Congregation Neve Shalom and is a member of the St. Louis Rabbinical Association