Is it the right time…yet?


Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Special To The Jewish Light

We are taught that our ancestor Joseph hid three treasures in Egypt. One was revealed to Korach; one to Antoninus, son of Asviros; and one was hidden away for the righteous in the world to come (Talmud, Pesachim 119a).

I went searching for the third treasure. In my dreams, I was directed to Prague. When in Prague by a bridge, I began to dig — you probably know the story:

A guard by the bridge sent me home but not before I asked him, do I qualify?

As righteous? No way, he said, first get humble and go home, look for your treasure at home. Your treasure is in your backyard.

I went home, dug up my backyard and found a document written in Hebrew with a little Arabic. It read:

“Ten miracles created bein hashemashot, bayna shumus, between the suns at twilight, outside of time as it were, built into creation at the end of the first day before Shabbat, between time, created for the world to catch up, so to speak, to appear at the right time.

“The mouth of the Earth that opened, the mouth of the prophetic donkey, Miriam’s well, the rainbow, the manna, the staff of Aaron, the shamir (that little worm that worked so hard carving pyramids), the writing and the pen and the tablets. Some say the evil spirits/the jinn, and the grave of Moses and the ram of Abraham. Some also say the tongs made from tongs (technology built from technology) (Mishnah Avot 5:9).

I recognized this teaching as the treasure it was. I showed it to my friend the surgeon.

Science, she said, technology where technology has not yet matured, present in some sense but not yet realized, the arc of discovery that we follow with hope because it means the saving of lives in ways that may not yet manifest. The word is “yet.”

The world is spinning fast, and what we know will catch up one day with our aspiration. Knowledge will pursue anyway, sometimes even outspin the world in the future, then we will know what we could not know until then. When? At the right time, the right time. We will call it the right time. 

The mouth of the Earth will open and we will assume: Discovery.

We pray for that. Soon we will come to the hidden moon of Tammuz, by legend concealing the future, all the hidden possibilities that could save one of us, or all of us, someday.