Disappearing act tests mom’s patience


Laura K. Silver is the mother of two elementary school-age children and a trustee of the Jewish Light who will be blogging for the paper’s website about marriage, child rearing, work, play, volunteering and whatever else is topical or strikes her fancy – she has no shortage of opinions. Silver is a graduate of the University of Michigan and University of Pennsylvania Law School, and is the owner of The Paper Trail of St. Louis, a financial and legal concierge service.

By Laura K. Silver

I don’t know what it is about calling the repair person that makes problems go away, but I’m getting pretty tired of it. 

The other day, I got into my car and tried to make a phone call using my bluetooth. Things started out promising, but then “the voice” suddenly stopped prompting me and began trailing off mid-sentence. Clearly something was wrong. Despite repeatedly pressing the buttons — for some unknown reason, I always think this should solve things — my bluetooth would not work. 

I went back to the old fashioned method of picking up the phone and dialing, but this too presented a problem — my bluetooth kept trying to pick up the phone call which meant that I had five to 10 seconds of dead air each time it happened.  I spent more time asking my friends to repeat themselves or to hold on than I did actually talking to them. 

Knowing that my car had a recall that needed addressing, I phoned for an appointment with the dealer and asked them to fix the recall and look at my bluetooth while they were at it.  We can get you in later this week, they said.  Bring it in Friday.  Hurrah — two days and my problem would be solved.


Yesterday, in preparation for my appointment today, I pressed the button so that I could be prepared to accurately report what was wrong.  I even contemplated videoing the problem so that they would have more information available to diagnose it. Much to my surprise, I commanded it to call a number and it did. I commanded it to hang up and it did.  It was working perfectly. 

Today when I brought it in, of course, it was fine.  The guy tested it and told me there was nothing wrong with my bluetooth.  This isn’t the first time this has happened — prior culprits have included refrigerator noises, dishwasher sounds, and a smoke detector chirp too.  I’m convinced that before I make any further repair calls, I first need to make a video of the problem. 

Knowing me, though, my phone’s video making capabilities will be the next thing to break.