Bring It On

Rebecca L. Brown

School started for my kids last week.  My kids at home and all of my  “kids” at Washington University where I work.  My response?  Bring it on.  Although it defies logic, the more I have to do the more I get done.  I focus more and wander less.  Which also happens to be more financially sound since a lot of that wandering tends to be down the aisles of Target or Sam’s where I absently toss things I don’t need into those grossly over-sized carts.

So good riddance to the dog days of summer.  Bring on the homework and Friday folders.  The deadlines and meetings with angst-filled freshmen and first year law students.  I’m ready for shabbat school and carpool.   Soccer practice, school pictures and snack schedules.  I want early sunsets, pumpkin patches, room parties and the quest for the perfect Halloween costume. And I can’t wait for the high holidays and all the cooking and the prepping. 

And then bring on winter break … so I can recover.